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Our Recommendations 


We have all had the pleasure of reading a book we love and then telling everyone! 

Here you will find books that we have read. God has used the words of these authors to work in our lives. We will feature Bible recommendations and Christian living recommendations.

Often these suggestions will be in concert with the discussion of the week. 

We hope you enjoy them all as we do! 

Fire Bible.jpg

Let's start out by recommending our favorite Book and a few of the versions that we use the most. This is the

Fire Bible: 

A Study Bible for Spirit-led Living 

I am getting used to the ESV and really enjoying the easy language. 

We hope you love this little gem if you decide to make it a part of your library.  

This was my first Bible after accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord 28 years ago. Wow, I am old. I digress! The editor of this Bible is Jack Hayford. If you have not heard him speak, I recommend it. This Bible is my favorite version of the Bible and my favorite one to read. We hope you enjoy it if you make it a part of your library. 

Think Differently Live Differently.jpg

This book is a recent read. I am on Chapter 10 and loving it. This book is a game-changer. The way the author tells parables and metaphors brings so much clarity to the topic. Jesus has been showing him this stuff. 


This little gem reminded me of something that I so needed to know. "I am Accepted". Praise God! This is a must read for every believer who is interested in learning more about the grace of God. 

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